• Understand the local and global context of Solar Photovoltaics (PV)
  • Understand local legislation 
  • Understand the various components 
  • Understand the variables that affect the yield of a Solar PV plant
  • Be able to simulate the performance of a Solar PV plant 
  • Based on the yield, be able to develop 25-year cash flows to determine the feasibility of the project
  • Name and explain the different components of a Solar PV System 
  • Understand how the situation and context of a potential Solar PV site influences its feasibility
  • Understand the different design factors that contribute to an efficient Solar PV System 
  • Apply skills learnt to run a Solar PV Simulation in Sunny Design Web
  • Use data generated in the Solar PV Simulation to run a feasibility assessment 


Standard Course

Course Includes:

All e-learning course content

Course Takeaways:

A certificate of completion upon successful completion of e-learning content.

Course fee : R3 220 (incl. VAT)

  CPD Credits: 1.5 

  Accreditation number: SAIEE-2746-V

Learn the important steps of an initial financial and technical feasibility assessment of a residential and commercial solar PV system.